Journal of Animal Science and Technology
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A Study of Duck Detection using Deep Neural Network based on RetinaNet Model in Smart Farming

Jeyoung Lee1, Hochul Kang1,*
1The Catholic University of Korea, Gyeonggi-do 14662, Korea.
*Corresponding Author: Hochul Kang, The Catholic University of Korea, Gyeonggi-do 14662, Korea, Republic of. E-mail:

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Received: Jun 27, 2023; Revised: Jul 24, 2023; Accepted: Jul 24, 2023

Published Online: Jul 25, 2023


In a duck cage, ducks are placed in various states. In particular, if a duck is overturned and falls or dies, it will adversely affect the growing environment. In order to prevent the foregoing, it was necessary to continuously manage the cage for duck growth. This study proposes a method using an object detection algorithm to improve the foregoing. Object detection refers to the work to perform classification and localization of all objects present in the image when an input image is given. To use an object detection algorithm in a duck cage, data to be used for learning should be made and the data should be augmented to secure enough data to learn from. In addition, the time required for object detection and the accuracy of object detection are important. The study collected, processed, and augmented image data for a total of two years in 2021 and 2022 from the duck cage. Based on the objects that must be detected, the data collected as such were divided at a ratio of  9 : 1, and learning and verification were performed. The final results were visually confirmed using images different from the images used for learning. The proposed method is expected to be used for minimizing human resources in the growing process in duck cages and making the duck cages into smart farms.

Keywords: Duck detection; Duck farming; Smart farming; Object detection; Deep neural network; Computer vision