Peri-estrus activity and mounting behavior and its application to estrus detection in Hanwoo (Korean Native Cattle)

Si Nae Cheon, Geun-Woo Park, Kyu-Hyun Park, Jung Hwan Jeon*
Author Information & Copyright
1Animal Welfare Research Team, National Institute of Animal Science, Rural Development Agriculture, Wanju 55365, Korea.
2Department of Animal Industry Convergence, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 24341, Korea.
*Corresponding Author: Jung Hwan Jeon, E-mail:

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This study was conducted to investigate the change in activity and mounting behavior in Hanwoo (Korean Native Cattle) during the peri-estrus period and its application to estrus detection. A total of 20 Hanwoo cows were fitted with a neck-collar accelerometer device, which measured the location and acceleration of cow movements and recorded the number of instances of mounting behavior by the altitude data. The data were analyzed in three periods (24-, 6-, and 2-h periods). Blood samples were collected for 5 days after the PGF2α injection, and the concentrations of estradiol, progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. Activity and mounting behavior recorded over 2-h periods significantly increased as estrus approached and were more efficient at detecting estrus than over 24- and 6-h periods (p &lt; 0.05). Endocrine patterns did not differ with the variation of individual cows during the peri-estrus period (p &gt; 0.05). Activity was selected as the best predictor through stepwise discriminant analysis. However, activity alone is not enough to detect estrus. We suggest that a combination of activity and mounting behavior may improve estrus detection efficiency in Hanwoo. Further research is necessary to validate the findings on a larger sample size.<br />  

Keywords: Accelerometer; Activity; Estrus detection; Hanwoo (Korea Native Cattle); Mounting