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Journal of Animal Science and Technology. Vol. 61, No. 5, 2019

Natural and synthetic pathogen associated molecular patterns modulate galectin expression in cow blood
J Anim Sci Technol 2019;61(5):245-253.
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In vivo nutritive value of rice feed for sheep and its application for cattle feed
J Anim Sci Technol 2019;61(5):254-259.
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Effect of stocker management program on beef cattle skeletal muscle growth characteristics, satellite cell activity, and paracrine signaling impact on preadipocyte differentiation
J Anim Sci Technol 2019;61(5):260-271.
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Effects of dietary mixture of protease and probiotics on growth performance, blood constituents, and carcass characteristics of growing-finishing pigs
J Anim Sci Technol 2019;61(5):272-277.
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Effects of seeding dates on dry matter yield and feed values of whole-crop barley cultivated in a paddy field
J Anim Sci Technol 2019;61(5):278-284.
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Age and weight at first mating affects plasma leptin concentration but no effects on reproductive performance of gilts
J Anim Sci Technol 2019;61(5):285-293.
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Effects of dietary vitamin levels on physiological responses, blood profiles, and reproductive performance in gestating sows
J Anim Sci Technol 2019;61(5):294-303.
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