Differences in pork myosin solubility and structure with various chloride salts and their property of pork gel

Hyun Gyung Jeong1, Jake Kim1,2, Seonmin Lee1, Kyung Jo1, Hae In Yong1, Yun-Sang Choi2, Samooel Jung1,*
Author Information & Copyright
1Chungnam National University, Daejeon 34134, Korea.
2Korea Food Research Institute, Wanju 55365, Korea.
*Corresponding Author: Samooel Jung, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 34134, Korea, Republic of. E-mail:

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The solubility and structure of myosin and the properties of pork gel with NaCl, KCl, CaCl<sub>2</sub>, and MgCl<sub>2</sub> were investigated. Myofibrillar proteins (MPs) with phosphate were more solubilized with NaCl than with KCl (<italic>p</italic> &lt; 0.05). CaCl<sub>2</sub> and MgCl<sub>2</sub> showed lower MP solubilities than those of NaCl and KCl (<italic>p</italic> &lt; 0.05). The α-helix content of myosin was lower in KCl, CaCl<sub>2</sub>, and MgCl<sub>2</sub> than in NaCl (<italic>p</italic> &lt; 0.05). The pH of pork batter decreased in the order of KCl, NaCl, MgCl<sub>2</sub>, and CaCl<sub>2</sub> (<italic>p</italic> &lt; 0.05). The cooking yield of the pork gel manufactured with monovalent salts was higher than that of the pork gel manufactured with divalent salts (<italic>p</italic> &lt; 0.05). The pork gel manufactured with KCl and MgCl<sub>2</sub> showed lower hardness than that of the pork gel manufactured with NaCl. The solubility and structure of myosin were different with the different chloride salts and those led the different quality properties of pork gel. Therefore, the results of this study can be helpful for understanding the quality properties of low-slat meat products manufactured by replacing sodium chloride with different chloride salts.

Keywords: chloride salt; myosin; secondary structure; gel quality